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Watch the “Why Dinosaurs?” 10-Minute Sizzle Reel!

We wanted to drop a quick note to dispel any rumors that Why Dinosaurs has gone extinct. On the contrary, we’re alive and well and working very hard on our very ambitious dino-documentary! Because we’re such a small team, it’s taking longer than expected, especially with James being away at school, as well as other significant life events.

However, we promise the wait will be worth it, and WE WILL COMPLETE THE FILM IN 2022!

As a special holiday treat, we're making our10-minute sizzle reel available to our backers and subscribers.

Production Update

We received a ton of amazing feedback after our June 20th “Sneak Peek,” which we’ve been incorporating into the latest version. THANK YOU to everyone who participated!

We’re currently working on Paleontologist Nizar Ibrahim’s Spinosaurus discovery story, which involves considerable creative assets to it justice, including historical photos and videos from the dig site in Morocco, Africa; paleo art; original illustrations and animation; and a custom music track. And all of that only covers four minutes worth of the movie!

James (via UC Berkeley, California) and Tony (via Ojai, California) “Zooming” with National Geographic Explorer and Paleontologist Dr. Nizar Ibrahim (via England).

We also announced that UK-based “palaeontologist” (that’s how they spell it across the pond), Dr. Dean Lomax has joined the project as Executive Producer. Dr. Lomax has been a tremendous help both professionally and personally, and he will continue to help spread awareness of the project. We are honored to have him.

UK-based Paleontologist (and Why Dinosaurs? Executive Producer) Dr. Dean Lomax.

Why Dinosaurs Producer Tara Pinto is also leading the charge on exploring potential distribution options, including streaming services, DVDs, film festivals, etc. There’s a lot to learn! But we are committed to finding the best home possible for Why Dinosaurs. (Note: If you have any connections in the world of movie distribution, please feel free to send them our way.)

Thank you to everyone who has helped us out along this incredible journey, from our wonderful interviewees, to our devoted backers, to our social media fans, to our friends and family... WE COULD NOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOU!


James, Tony & Tara Pinto


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