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Our I Know Dino podcast interview.

We're Tony and James Pinto, a father and son collaborating on our first feature-length documentary.

James is a recent high school graduate who is passionate about all things dinosaurs, fossils, and paleontology. He won First Place in the 2016 California State Science Fair, and was a semi-finalist in the National Science Fair, for a geological experiment on Spinosaurus teeth using a mass spectrometer at UC Santa Cruz. (Yeah, he's kind of a nerd.)


Tony (James' father) owns and operates a video production company, has made over 2,500 corporate videos, and loves watching documentaries.

In 2020, we plan to finish creating our dinosaur documentary and get it into some film festivals.

James & Tony Pinto at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles.


"WHY DINOSAURS?" started out as a short film. It was meant to be a simple, father/son passion project. But over the past two years, we've interviewed over 30 seasoned paleontologists, fossil hunters and dealers, and even a State Senator. It's quickly turning into a "Who's Who" of dinosaur enthusiasts!

James with legendary paleontologist, Dr. Phil Currie at University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada.

We've also raised over $23,000 from friends, family, and dinosaur enthusiasts via Indiegogo. The campaign is still active for anyone who would like to contribute.



We hope to inspire girls and boys of all ages to get more involved in Science, starting with paleontology. We also hope to inspire other families to embark on a passion project like this. We'd like Science teachers around the world to share it in their classrooms. We'd love to see it shown publicly, in film festivals or an online streaming service.

James teaching dinosaurs to a preschool class in Chatsworth, California.



We've been fortunate to interview a wide variety of seasoned paleontologists, fossil hunters and dealers, and dinosaur enthusiasts. We don't want to prematurely announce our remaining interviews, but here are some of the people we've met with so far:

  • Dr. Phil Currie - Paleontologist & Professor, University of Alberta, Canada

  • Dr. Scott Sampson - Paleontologist & “Dr. Scott” of Dinosaur Train and Dinosaur Planet

  • Dr. Jack Horner - Paleontologist and Jurassic Park dinosaur advisor

  • Dr. Charles Marshall - Director, University of California Museum of Paleontology

  • Dr. Nizar Ibrahim - Paleontologist, National Geographic Explorer and TED Fellow

  • Phil Tippett - Oscar winning stop-motion animator and Dinosaur Supervisor on Jurassic ParkStar Wars, and many others.

  • Dean Cundey, A.S.C. - Oscar-nominated Cinematographer, Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, Apollo 13, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

  • Dr. Don Henderson - Curator of Dinosaurs at Royal Tyrrell Museum, Canada

  • Senator Kate Brophy McGee - Arizona State Legislative District 28; wrote Arizona State Dinosaur Bill (Sonorasaurus Thompsoni)

  • Gabriel-Philip Santos - Collections Manager, Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology

  • Benji Paysnoe - Paleoartist, Arizona Museum of Natural History

  • Keegan Kuhn - Paleoartist, TRX Dinosaurs

  • @CleverFanGirl - Jurassic Park / dinosaur community influencer

  • Tony Campagna (aka "The Dinogeek") - Owner of the largest collection of dinosaur collectibles; staff writer for Prehistoric Times magazine.

  • Bucky Derflinger - Amateur fossil hunter who discovered two T.rexes (“Bucky” and “E.D. Cope”)

  • Lauren Billings - VP of Operations, Billings Productions (aka The Dinosaur Company)

  • Jerry Adloff - Dinosaur enthusiast & owner, Explorers Emporium

  • Elaine Howard - Dinosaur enthusiast & Executive Producer

  • Billie Guerrero - Outreach/Collections Assistant, Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology

  • Dustin Growick - Museum consultant & science communicator

  • Marji Johns - Paleontology Collections Manager, Royal BC Museum

  • Gary Kaiser, M.Sc. - Research Associate at Royal BC Museum

  • Jax Weldon - Lobbied for Arizona’s Official State Dinosaur (Sonorasaurus Thompsoni)

  • Kathryn Abbott - Vertebrate Fossil Preparator & 3D Scanning/Printing Technician, Guide at Dino Lab, Inc.

  • Ry Williams - Lead welder / fossil restoration Technician / Dinosaur Levitation Expert at Dino Lab, Inc.

  • Garret Kruger & Sabrina Ricci - Husband and wife team; producers of the 'I Know Dino' Podcast


We are currently in post-production and are aiming to finish the film by December 31, 2020.

James and Tony interviewing Dr. Lorna O'Brien, Preparation Lab Supervisor at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in Drumheller, Canada.

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Our first time being interviewed by Jimmy at DWABA.org!

This is a young James doing his best Sir David Attenborough impersonation at the Natural History Museum of LA with his Nonni. 

James' first visit to Dinosaur National Monument in Vernal, Utah.

California State Science Fair judge commenting on James' First Place Spinosaurus experiment.

James receiving a Certificate of Commendation from Simi Valley Mayor Bob Huber for his First Place award in the California State Science Fair, as well as other County-level Science awards and recognition by the Coast Geological Society.

Interviewing Paleoartist and Paleo Prospectors Lead Guide, Rob Sula.

James volunteering in the Fossil Prep Lab at La Brea Tar Pits.


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