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Making the Best of The Quarantine

Like most of you, we’ve been quarantining since late March. Unfortunately, that meant postponing our big U.K. trip and other interviews we had lined up. But, the safety of our interviewees (and ourselves) is obviously more important right now. In the meantime, here’s a quick update on the film’s progress.

On a positive note, we’ve had a LOT more time to spend thinking about the structure of the film, and have even started the massive task of editing. Here’s a look at the “top secret” storyboard!

Several people suggested trying to conduct some interviews remotely, so we are in the process of experimenting with Zoom and other technologies.

So far, the audio and video quality hasn’t quite been good enough, although we have found willing participants, including Matthew T. Mossbrucker, Director & Chief Curator of the Morrison Museum in Morrison, Colorado, as well as a few other high profile paleo institutions.

We’ll keep trying to figure this out, since it may come in handy with some international paleontologists.

Who wants free stickers?

Apparently people all over the world! We created a form on the website to manage all of the requests, and we’re sending them out as quickly as possible.

Check out, and feel free to share the link with other dinosaur lovers. It’s a great introduction to our project. Please ask people to “stick responsibly.”

Lastly, we are in the process of creating some hats and other apparel due to ongoing requests. And we might even do some in colors besides BLACK for a change.

We’ll be making them available at cost for a limited time at some point in the near future, to reward our supporters, and to generate more awareness for the film.

Our social media accounts continue to grow. We’re now up to 28,500 followers on Instagram, 12,000 on Facebook, and 700+ on Twitter. We’ve even being recognized by some of the largest museums and world-renowned paleontologists.

Overall, we’re feeling really good about the project, and we’re still on track to finish some time this year, although it may be a little later than we originally thought due to the COVID pandemic. It is what it is.

We'll be back with more updates soon. Stay safe!

Tony & James Pinto


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