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Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Hey everyone!

As you can imagine, COVID has impacted our ability to travel and conduct interviews over the past few months. Due to the ban on international travel, we have indefinitely postponed our United Kingdom trip as well. On a positive note, we’ve used this time to focus on editing, and things are really starting to take shape!

That said, we’ve decided to delay the release of the film to June 20, 2021, which will give us a little extra time to squeeze in more of the amazing interviews we’ve been lining up.

We generally don’t pre-announce interviews, as you just never know what could happen. But we’ve got commitments from some major entertainment industry veterans, seasoned paleontologists (you can never have enough of those), social media influencers, paleo artists, and dino-fanatics!

Finally, by popular demand, we’ve added some very affordably priced WHY DINOSAURS? “merch” (shirts, sweatshirts and hats) to our Indiegogo campaign. We’ll be expanding the store later this year with more items, in a variety of colors, and a few other surprises.

We'll be back with more updates soon. Stay safe!

Tony & James Pinto

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I'll trade you a PAWDF Hat for one of your's :)

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